There's Beauty in A Breakdown...

We dream to fly but we fly as we fall

9 May
Miami, Florida, United States
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Barbara Goleman Senior High School - Miami FL (1998 - 2002)
Miami Dade College - North Campus - Miami FL (2002 - 2005)
Digital Media Arts College - Boca Raton FL (2005 - 2007)
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acting, animals, anime, art, artists, asian men, baking, bands, beaches, bike riding, blues, bonnie pink, books, boots, calla lillies, cappuccinos, carrot cake, cars, cartoons, cello, character design, cheescake, chinese food, chinese lanterns, chocolate, chokers, classical music, comedy, computer animation, computers, cooking, dbsk, digital art, dirt bikes, drawing, dreamers, dreaming, eyes, fashion, feminism, film, fishnets, flowers, foreigners, frappuccinos, guitarists, guitars, hands, humor, ice-skating, intellect, intellectuals, interior design, internet, italian food, japanese, jazz, jennifer garner, katy perry, kdramas, koreans, language, lasse lindh, laughing, laughter, lee jun ki, lingerie, literature, manga, maya, men, metal, motorcross, motorcycles, movies, music, musicians, painting, photography, photoshop, poetry, punk, queen, queens of stone age, randomness, rhcp, rock, role-play, sarcasm, sex, sexuality, shia labeouf, singing, ska, skateboarding, sleeping in, snowboarding, spontanaiety, stand-up comedy, starbucks, storyboarding, strawberries, sunflowers, surfing, the fratellis, the killers, the trax, theatre, violins, wicca, witty banter, writers, writing, x-treme sports, yoon eun hye
Hi, my name is Karen. If you knew me a few years ago, you don't know me now. If you're interested, get to know me, but otherwise don't make assumptions. Do things right. Ask me. Get to know me.

Ok,so I haven't been updating much here of late. I'll get to it I promise.